Drivers in Wisconsin will want to consider the following tips from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety because they are all about avoiding the four most common types of car crashes: front-impact, side-impact, rear-end and parking lot crashes. According to the IIHS, front- and side-impact crashes composed 54% and 25% of all serious crashes, respectively, in 2016.

To avoid front-impact crashes, drivers should be careful in bad weather. Even following the speed limit on icy or snowy roads can lead to disaster. Drivers should also remain attentive at the wheel, keeping phones and other distractions far away. A lane-keeping system may be an additional resource.

Side-impact crashes are divided into sideswipes and T-bones. The former can be averted if drivers check their blind spots before changing lanes and watch out for other drivers changing lanes when they are passing a vehicle. To prevent T-bone collisions, drivers should look both ways before accelerating at an intersection and never take chances with yellow lights.

Rear-end collisions can generally be avoided if drivers don’t speed or tailgate, especially in heavy traffic. Forward-collision warning systems are beneficial, too. Drivers often back out of parking spaces into other cars because they fail to consider their surroundings, which they should do before entering their car.

Most of these types of car accidents are due to the negligence of one of the drivers. Of course, both parties may be at fault to some degree, in which case those who file a personal injury claim must show that their degree of fault is less than the defendant’s. Otherwise, they cannot be eligible for damages in this state. Understanding the laws and negotiating with auto insurance companies can be hard, so victims may want a lawyer to assist them with each step.