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July 2018 Archives

Wisconsin car accident kills 1, injures 2

As a person in Wisconsin drives, he or she likely encounters multiple traffic signs. While these signs may carry important information, it may be easy to become desensitized to them unless conscious effort is put into paying attention to them. Unfortunately, such desensitization comes with serious consequences. In fact, a man was recently killed in a car accident when police say a driver failed to obey a traffic sign.

Sauk County case serves as reminder to watch for elder abuse

You did your homework and selected the best possible nursing home for your parent. By all available accounting, the residents of the home you selected were receiving good care. Despite best efforts, one out of every ten elderly residents will experience elder abuse. As if that number weren’t high enough already, there is concern that more incidents go unreported than reported.

Wisconsin driver faces multiple charges after car accident

It is easy to overlook the importance of certain traffic features that drivers come across every time they drive. For example, traffic lights may seem commonplace, but they play an extremely important role in keeping motorists safe. In fact, officials in Wisconsin claim that a recent car accident that sent several people to the hospital was caused by a man who failed to stop at a red light.

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Implied consent applies to blood tests

"Implied consent" is the legal theory that drivers, by accepting a state driver's license, agree to provide a breath sample upon request when a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe the driver is drunk. For a time, many states believed that drivers inherently agree to provide a blood sample to an officer with probable cause.

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