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Drunk driving suspected in fatal Wisconsin car accident

Car accidents can happen at any time for a variety of reasons. When a car accident results in a fatality, many people -- law enforcement officers included -- want someone to blame. In fact, a man in Wisconsin now faces multiple criminal charges because it is believed that he caused a fatal accident; drunk driving is suspected.

The incident happened just before 7 p.m. on a day in early April. According to witnesses, a 40-year-old man was driving his pickup truck recklessly. They claim that he was speeding and swerving across the road, almost striking mail boxes.

Several injured, 1 killed in Wisconsin car accident

Because an accident can happen quickly, giving little time for a response, it is necessary for drivers to remain vigilant at all times. Even a single moment of inattention can cause a car accident that could have devastating consequences. For example, police are still investigating a crash in Wisconsin that resulted in the death of a teenager.

The accident happened during the morning hours of a day in late March on a Wisconsin interstate. According to reports, the driver of a westbound SUV lost control of his vehicle, causing the vehicle to cross the median into lanes of eastbound traffic and strike an SUV. A 17-year-old female in the eastbound SUV died at the scene of the accident.

Proposed law seeks to expunge Wisconsin drunk driving convictions

Often, regardless of what the accusation is, a criminal conviction can have a significant impact on the rest of a person's life. This is true even if the person never commits another crime again. Two lawmakers in Wisconsin have recently proposed a bill that could potentially limit the damage that a first-time drunk driving conviction could have if the person meets certain circumstances.

The proposed law would potentially allow first-time offenders to seek an expungement. If the bill passes, only those involved in incidents that did not injure someone and had a blood alcohol content less than .15 are eligible. Additionally, the person would have to have a device monitoring alcohol consumption or a ignition interlock device for six months.

Wisconsin community supports family after fatal car crash

Because many people in Wisconsin spend a great deal of their time behind the wheel of a vehicle, some drivers may take the act of driving for granted. It is so commonplace, many overlook the potential harm they could cause if they do not remain vigilant and focused on the task at hand at all times. Unfortunately, one family has experienced firsthand the harm that an accident can cause after they lost a family member in a fatal car crash.  

The incident reportedly happened one morning on a day in February. According to reports, the 53-year-old victim had just dropped his children off at school and was on his way to work. He was reportedly headed north.

Wisconsin high school principal charged with embezzlement

Most educators and coaches in Wisconsin are committed to continuing their educations and seeking methods that will help them improve their practices. To do so, they will often attend conferences and clinics that may require them to travel to other parts of the state or country. Unfortunately, one educator's claim of attending such clinics has now left him facing accusations of embezzlement.

Reports indicate that the 37-year-old man, who serves as the assistant high school principal and head wrestling coach of a Wisconsin high school, reportedly informed district officials of his intention of traveling to another state with other coaches to attend a clinic in Sept. 2011. He is said to have also expressed a desire to treat the coaches to a football game. That request was allegedly denied.

Wisconsin drunk driving charge vacated

Anyone who has watched dramatizations based on law enforcement officers has likely seen a show in which an officer's actions are based upon a "hunch." While such action may ultimately be successful on television, it may not be in real life in Wisconsin, depending on the circumstances. In fact, a court has recently overturned a drunk driving and weapons conviction following a traffic stop that was initiated based upon assumptions made by a sheriff's deputy.

The incident that led the the man's arrest and subsequent conviction happened on a night in March 2017. A deputy reportedly pulled over a vehicle containing several occupants; one of the occupants, a man, reportedly ran from the scene, prompting a search. Other deputies were in the area as a result.

Are bicyclists safe in Wisconsin?

Bicycling is a great mode of transportation when the weather is warm and the roads are clear. Some cyclists are passionate enough to affix fat tires to their bikes and ride during the winter months.

Regardless of the season, bicyclists should be able to trust they can get on the road without the risk of injury. Does Wisconsin give them the assurance they deserve?

1 killed, 1 injured in Wisconsin car accident

The weather in Wisconsin can sometimes create road conditions that may be unsafe. Drivers are expected to respond to such conditions to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, a recent car accident reportedly left a teenager dead and his passenger injured.

The incident happened around 10 a.m. on a day in mid-January. According to reports, a 23-year-old male was headed south on a Wisconsin roadway, driving a pickup truck that was pulling a trailer containing a car. That driver reportedly lost control, causing the vehicle to enter northbound lanes.

Beware of BUI laws in Wisconsin

Everyone knows that it is illegal to drink and drive. However, did you also know it is illegal to drink and drive a boat?

Operating a boat while intoxicated (BWI) is unlawful in the state of Wisconsin. Alcohol the number one cause of boating-related deaths. In 2017, there were over 100 fatalities in boating accidents involving alcohol across the United States. Additionally, over 225 people sustained injuries, according to recent reports.

Woman taken to hospital after dog attack

There are certain activities that people should feel reasonably safe doing. For example, most people in Wisconsin and across the country should feel safe while walking to the store. Unfortunately, a woman in another state will likely question her safety from now on after she was reportedly the victim of a dog attack.

The incident happened on a day in early January. According to reports, the victim has special needs and is apparently living as a patient in a boarding home. A woman says that she found the victim on her hands and knees by the side of the road. Three dogs were reportedly around her, though none were attacking her at the time.

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